Who We Are

OKALEIDO is deployed on BNB Chain, and is an NFT trading aggregator platform that supports transaction mining. It collects and organizes all NFT trading information from different NFT markets, and provide an optimized trading experience to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the transaction. Users no longer need to rummage across various DEX platforms to find the best trading solution. OKALEIDO can offer them the best transaction price based on the market, and thresholdless trading mining rewards. The trading market sells in the B2C form and at the same time encourages collectors to conduct C2C transactions.
OKALEIDO is led by Tiger DAO VC, the world's leading crypto VC fund. It provides support for all SEEK TIGER NFT assets. In the early stage, we will build an open NFT trading marketplace based on the SEEK TIGER game ecology. NFT assets are issued in various forms, such as in blind boxes, and in forms of characters, props, collectibles, etc. In addition, we are also moving to the multimedia NFT segment.