OKALEIDO uses OKA tokens as the sole governance token of the trading aggregator. The total issuance is 50 million (fixed). Users can participate in early token allocation by using STI/USDT LP trading pairs.
OKA Allocation:
Angel investment: 4%, 2M OKA
Cornerstone investment: 5%, 2.5M OKA
Private sale: 20%, 10M OKA
Public fund-raising: 1%, 500K OKA
Team: 5%, 2.5M OKA
LP mining: 55%, 27.5M OKA
Release rule:
Angel investment: 3 months after the project launch; 10% per quarter
Cornerstone investment: 2 months after the project launch; 10% per quarter
Private sale: 1 month after the project aunch; 0.25% per day
Public fund-raising: 10% released before the project launch; 10% per month
Team: 1% released every month
LP mining:A, Community rewards, airdrop bounties and early liquidity support; B, Stake STI/USDT to participate in LP re-mining (100 days). The daily pre-mining output is 10K pieces (approx). 1% tokens are linearly unlocked everyday after the pre-mining. LP can be re-staked after redemption.