Ecological expansion

Ecological expansion
In addition to providing support for arts practitioners on OKALEIDO, we will also continue to promote the ecological expansion of OKALEIDO.
Music NFT is one of the directions OKALEIDO will pursue. OKALEIDO plans to use it as an entry point to advance its commitment to the multimedia NFT trading platform. After OKALEIDO features are developed, we will first introduce the OKALEIDO music ecosystem.
Based on the OKALEIDO platform, we will soon launch μEasy, a music creation application suitable for all users. By writing lyrics or composing melodies, etc., users can cooperate with others to write a complete song and convert it into music NFT. This will greatly lower the threshold of music creation. For example, the foolproof AI composition feature can recognize rhymes from users' random humming and turns them into music. This will create a new music business scenario. OKALEIDO is doing its best to promote the development of the NFT market.
These NFTs are copyrighted by OKALEIDO, receive royalties, and have access to liquidity. In other words, any creator can earn revenue and participate in threshold-less music production. In the long run, we will apply this model to video production as well.
We hope that, by doing these, NFTs will not be limited to images. Our goal is to promote the popularity of music and video NFTs, let everyone's creativity and imagination run wild, and make the NFT segment more diverse and multidimensional.