OKALEIDO incentive mechanism

  • NFT liquidity incentives
OKALEIDO is the first project to implement the NFT liquidity reward mechanism. Under this mechanism, 10% of the transaction fees from NFT sales will be used for the following purposes:
  • 80% injected to the incentive pool;
  • 10% distributed to DAO dividend fundation;
  • 10% for platform operation.
  • The liquidity incentive pool
1. The last trade of each hour is rewarded with all bonus from the liquidity incentive pool. This exclusive bonus is also the highest bonus.
2. When the incentive pool reaches 100,000 STI, 50% is automatically settled and the rest 50% remains in the pool for a new round of incentives. 50% of the settlement mechanism is, depending on the time, the last ten trades weighted bonus by the amount of transactions.