1. Become an easy-to-use NFT aggregator
Our goal is to provide the crypto world with much-needed aggregation solutions through high information aggregation, improved transaction efficiency, and payment method diversification. In this way, we offer a comprehensive range of DeFi and NFT services in a user-friendly interface.
2. Create a new paradigm for the NFT trading market
OKALEIDO seeks to create an incentive system to stimulate the overall sluggish NFT market and create strong market liquidity, especially for the less popular NFT assets. Such a practice creates a new paradigm for the NFT trading sector and brings a virtuous cycle to the market.
3. Build a multi-media NFT ecology and fully leverage the scalability of NFT
We also want to promote the leap from NFT 1.0 to 2.0 by focusing on the new multimedia NFT ecology (music, video, etc.) as an entry point. Developing multimedia NFT that is accessible to any user not only gives NFT a new life value, but also brings NFT scalability to full fruition.