Q3, 2022
Complete the comprehensive functions of transactions and aggregators in Q3, 2022, and support mainstream public chain infrastructures such as BNB Chain, ETH, Polygon, and Solona.
  • OKALEIDO goes live with transaction mining
  • Staking being kicked off
  • Function of hitting the shelves by batches
  • Email notification
  • Conceal part of NFTs in the wallet
  • Rarity integration
  • Bulk purchase
  • Customized admin page for contract creators
  • More integration with SEEK TIGER eco-assets
  • Auctions
  • Private Sales
  • 721, 1155 protocols with EVM support
  • Charts of prices and floor prices
  • Classification of NFT series
  • Full chain NFT search
  • Attribute-based floor prices
  • Tools to help NFT projects get started
Q4, 2022
OKA NFT Empowerment in Q4, 2022.
  • Empowerment of SEEK TIGER official NFT
  • More OKA token empowerment
  • For NFT series certification
  • For the launch and promotion of the NFT series
In the year 2023, the OTC trading will be gradually accomplished to support non-traditional WEB3 users to quickly purchase and collect NFT.
  • Order book function
  • Privacy chat room function
  • Support for USD assets, ETH payment as well as NFT transactions
  • NFT AMM function
  • Allow users to add or withdraw NFT/ETH liquidity on their own
  • FreeStaking function
2023 or even earlier
It is expected to go live with NFT lending capabilities in the year 2023 or even earlier.
  • NFT over-collateralized lending
  • Open API to allow more NFTs to use the lending function
  • Introduction of decentralized prophecy machines with NFT liquidity as the price guiding parameter
  • Recommending aggregated transaction functionality
  • Collateralized lending and borrowing functionality to platforms made by NFT users
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