NFT Aggregators

A close observation of the industry reveals that NFT aggregators are likely to be an effective means to solve these NFT problems.
Traditionally, aggregators are mainly used for data aggregation. They collect data across different websites and then aggregate the information on one platform based on different categories. In this way, they create valuable metrics and can meet the needs of different users.
Aggregators in Web3 are a very important component. For example, the DEX aggregator 1inch enables routing to find the best price and lowest slippage pairs among multiple DEXs, reducing transaction costs for users, increasing capital utilization efficiency, and enabling more application scenarios. The same logic applies to the NFT field. We are aware of the huge potential of aggregators for NFTs and have launched the NFT aggregator OKALEIDO. Furthermore, we have developed a mechanism for transaction mining to solve the problems of the NFT segment to steer its growth in a more mature direction.
Last modified 6mo ago