1.One-stop NFT solution
Support the viewing, trading, and buying of NFTs. Users can search everything from current NFT data to transaction information of special NFTs.
2.Improved search efficiency
On OKALEIDO, users can easily index the best transaction pairs across all platforms, including tofuNFT, Galler, NFTtrade and many other mainstream NFT trading platforms on BNB Chain.
3.Transaction mining
On OKALEIDO, part of the transaction fee will be converted into OKA Token, the governance token of OKALEIDO, as incentives for transaction mining (only for users trading on OKALEIDO). OKALEIDO innovatively adopts the liquidity incentive pool, and users can earn rich profits through transaction mining. OKALEIDO is also the first NFT trading aggregator on BNB Chain.
4.Provide liquidity for less popular NFT assets
Less popular NFT assets with low liquidity take up most of the NFT market. OKALEIDO integrates multiple markets and innovatively adopts the incentive mechanism of transaction mining, which highly boosts transactions and improves liquidity.
5.A diverse multimedia NFT ecosystem
Besides image NFTs, OKALEIDO will also support multimedia NFTs such as music NFTs and video NFTs. It will also provide creators with infrastructure facilities to mint and trade multimedia NFTs, creating a one-stop NFT ecology.
6.An AI-based music creation ecosystem
Based on the OKALEIDO platform, we will soon launch μEasy--a music creation application suitable for all users. By writing lyrics or composing melodies, users can cooperate with others to write a complete song and convert it into music NFTs. This will greatly lower the threshold of music creation. For example, the foolproof AI composition feature can recognize rhymes from users' random humming and turns them into music. This will create a new music business scenario. OKALEIDO is doing its best to promote the development of the NFT market.
Last modified 6mo ago